Recent work

Hirak Kanti Dutta.
Born, a Leo. August 22nd.
Lives and works from New Delhi, India.

Visual Artist. Writer.

DIGITALPIGMENTS is his creative outlet. Hirak is a partially color blind photographer.

A long Distance Adventure Motorcyclist. His hardcore passion for traveling across India astride Amigo, his trusted Royal Enfield and bringing those memories home introduced the camera to Hirak. Today, the cameras and the bike are partners in all his life's journeys. Photography, however, is not just about bringing memories home anymore. It's about perfection. About professionalism and patience. It is about 'Art in Real Time'. It is about life’s lights, shades and nuances. Today for Hirak, photography is about capturing those moments which will evoke an effortless introspection even decades later.

The streets of cities, town, villages and mountains are his studio. Many of his works here are 'Projects in Perpetuity'. A widely (and, wildly) traveled man, he favors the Himalayas over every other destination. But, India offers the world to a visual artist, particularly a photographer, and that makes Hirak an opportunist. The genres closest to his heart are abstracts, minimals, portraits and travel. Black and white are his favorite colors!

Hirak has been widely published in various magazines, journals and newspapers in India. Also, his writings on terrorism, international affairs, India vis-a-vis Pakistan, China and America, art, sports, current affairs have appeared in editorial/op-ed pages of leading English dailies emanating from New Delhi.

His photographic work are in private collections in India, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, the Nederlands, Sweden, South Africa, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Japan.